Women who are looking for answers to questions they may be embarrassed to ask about life issues and everyday living can find help in the pages of Dr. Sabrina D. Black’s book Live Right Now. Offering hard-hitting answers to tough questions, this insightful book covers a broad range of topics such as spiritual growth, grief and loss, burnout, sexuality, parenting, leadership, and more. Live Right Now speaks honestly to the hearts of readers, reminding them to combine the knowledge of God’s Word with their actions and encouraging them to wholeheartedly follow God. Perfect for individuals, pastors, and counselors.

Prone To Wander

A Woman’s Struggle with Sexual Sin and Addiction… The overall goal of this book is to provide hope, help, and healing for women who are “prone to wander” and those who minister to them. Many have felt the lure of sexual sins; many have gone astray and needed to be restored. This book provides Biblical and personal strategies for setting the captives free. A uniquely practical perspective while caring and compassionate on the plights of those who are struggling and trapped in sexual sin. “ Prone to Wander: A Woman’s Struggle with Sexual Sin and Addiction” is an invaluable resource tool for anyone who desires to be set free from the struggle; as well as those who wish to understand her pain and assist her in the process. This book will bless women who are struggling with sexual sin, as well as clergy and counselors.

HELP! For Your Leadership

Leading others can be an overwhelming task, as leaders are challenged to be an example of how to live at home, at work and at play. Yet, when in crisis themselves many leaders fail to get the help they need.

This book will bring harmony to out of sync moments and give understanding during times when a leader feels buried by their demand.

Healing, Encouragement, and Loving Perspective for Overwhelmed Leaders.
Purchase copies for your staff of existing and emerging leaders.

Can Two Walk Together?

Can Two Walk Together? Not unless they agree. Many Christians are in spiritually unbalanced marriages, desperate for someone to minister to them in their unique place. this is a wonderful tool to provide those in unequally yoked relationships with hope and help in dealing with disappointment, hurts, and heartaches. Sabrina Black brings her counseling expertise to bear on this difficult subject, assisting couples with creating and maintaining a vibrant, growing relationship despite their differences

Counseling for Seemingly Impossible Problems

The gospel brings liberty to men, women, and children bound by every other conceivable sin and affliction. Psychology provides a tool for applying the power of the gospel in practical ways. Drawing on biblical truths and psychological principles, Counseling for Seemingly Impossible Problems addresses issues such as ADHD, Divorce Recovery, Gambling Addiction, Bi-Polar Disorder, Schizophrenia, Substance Abuse, Grief and Loss, Unemployment and much more. This text will help us- Christian counselors, pastors, and church leaders- to meet the deep needs of our communities with a life-changing effect from the Word of God. An excellent resource for everyone who is helping any one.

Growing Through Grief 2CD Set

We will all at some point in our lives experience loss, separation and transition. We all go through the valley of the shadow of death. This 2 CD set will help you to grow through the grief . Ask yourself these questions:

  •  Have you been dealing with a personal or family crisis?
  •  Have you recently lost a loved one? Do you ask, ?Will I ever be better
  •  Does it seem like you have been grieving a long time
  •  Do you have a difficult time handling grief?
  •  Do you feel guilty when you try to move on with life
  •  Do you want to receive comfort from the Word of God?
  •  Do you want to learn how to untangle the ball of emotions you may be experiencing?
  •  Do you want to learn how to stop just existing and live again?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, this 2 CD set is for you.

You can get answers. You can receive hope, help and healing!

Strategies for Effectively Strengthening Men in Counseling Training Curriculum

This four CD set with training manuall will provide six hours of culturally competent training in the area of counseling men utilizing a unique paridigm of painting a picture.

Face It, Forgive It and Forge Ahead Workbook

Are you trying to bandage a broken heart? Do you feel others should suffer for the way you?ve been treated? Are you unable to forgive God, yourself, or someone else? This workbook on FORGIVENESS will address the issues of revenge, retaliation, restitution, reconciliation & restoration. This practical resources tool provides a Biblical perspective on forgiveness and will help you learn to what to do when an offense occurs, how to make clear choices when we have been wounded and how the act of forgiveness provides freedom to those involved. Apply the Balm of Gilead and a little first aid for the soul.

Facing the Jungle of Conflict Workbook

This workbook teaches practical techniques and alternatives that can be used in even the most difficult, frustrating situations. “Facing the Jungle of Conflict” will help individuals tame the beast within and the animals around them; as we take a walk on the wild side and look at various animal styles of communication and conflict resolution. By completing a personal style assessment, individuals can identify their reactions to conflict, ways to resolve it, and steps to restoring relationships. You will also benefit by learning to identify causes of conflict and learning to understand basic principles. This workbook is great for working with children, couples and family dynamics; as well as in the workplace or among leadership teams.

Understanding and Managing Anger Workbook

“I lose my temper, but it’s all over in a minute”, said the student. “So is the hydrogen bomb,” I replied. “But think of the damage it produces!” George Sweeting. This workbook will help you work through issues of anger by identifying causes, responses and ways to address issues in a Biblcal manner. You will learn the 10 complex factors which feed the emotions of anger. You will also be encouraged to acknowledge and confront the physical results of anger and how it affects our bodies mentally and spiritually. This workbook is packed with quizzes, charts, diagrams and assessments to help you overcome blow-ups and clam-ups.

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