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Sabrina D. Black, LPC. is clinical director of Abundant Life Counseling and Coaching Center. She is a down to earth Licensed Professional Counselor, Certified Addictions Counselor and Certified Biblical Counselor with 25 plus years of experience. Sabrina has degrees in Psychology and Counseling.

Prior to private practice, Sabrina provided services at Perspectives of Troy, Access Christian Counseling, and the Rosedale Park Counseling Training Center. She has also served at the Healing Place. Her emphasis is always on the practical application of Biblical principles. Sabrina Black is a national and international conference speaker, individual and family therapist, corporate trainer, consultant, life coach, mentor, counselor and author.

Don’t suffer in silence. You don’t have to feel so bad! If you are experiencing…

•  Worry or Fear                   •  Relationship Problems                   Low Self-Esteem

•  Bondage to Addictions   •  Anxiety Attacks                              •  Poor Concentration

•  Stress/Burnout                •  Sleep Difficulties                            •  Grief/Loss

•  Eating Disorders              • Anger


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Are You A Witness

In biblical times a witness didn’t just tell what they knew or tell what they saw and heard, they lived what they believed.

Can Two Walk Together

Based on writing the best-selling book by the same title, “Can Two Walk Together?” takes you through the journey of compiling this text.

Dealing With Discouragement

Discouragement is Satan’s attempt to make us feel DISSED by God.

Dream Again Psalms 126

Looking at Psalms 126 we will learn to dream again as God releases us from the bondage and captivity of old stuff in our lives that has caused us to be stuck.

Empowering African American Men through Counseling

What is the measure of a man?; A black man?; A black man in counseling?

Facing the Jungle of Conflict

Practical techniques and alternatives that can be used in even the most difficult, frustrating situations.

Gambling Addiction and Spirituality

The African American culture is rich with religious/spiritual heritage, traditions and practices that have been largely ignored in traditional approaches to counseling with this population.

Grief: Stages Of Grief

When there has been a death, divorce, separation, or other losses it can leave you feeling emotionally drained. Sadness and distress are among the many ways that grief is shown.

Grief: Through The Valley of Grief

As we walk through the valley of the shadow of death our challenge is to keep moving. The valley can be an overwhelming place of depression and emotional drain. Although the journey of grief is a process, it is here that we want to give up.

Grow Up

Following the natural progression of life development this MP3 challenges us to grow up spiritually and stop being a babe in Christ.

Human Trafficking

Human Trafficking is not just there but it is HERE. Slavery still exists. There are 27 million slaves around the world. Over 80% of trafficked victims are women.

Journey to Emotional Healing

With all of life’s DRAMA, TRAUMA, PAIN and PROBLEMS endured by African American women WE ARE STILL HERE!


Leading While Bleeding

As a professional Christian counselor, I specialize in dealing with clergy, lay leaders and their families. God has allowed me to lovingly confront the issues of stress, lack of balance and burnout in the lives of our leaders.

Misuse & Abuse: Issues of Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence assumes power and control over another. In most cases, physical abuse alone is not the overall dynamic of such a disease.


Roles People Play In Addictive Families

Living in a family where someone has an addiction affects each member of the family and interferes with their functioning in a healthy way (how they communicate, solve problems, feel about themselves, and cope with life issues).

Setting the Captive Counselor Free

Explore the changing views of counselor self-disclosure and help counselors see the value in sharing their trials and triumph as they minister to counselees and help set the captives free.

Stop Sitting By The Pool

The Man at the pool of Bethesda in John 5 had been sitting by the pool 38 years. How long have you been waiting for someone or something to bring about change in your life?

The Beauty Of Friendship

This message will spell out the BEAUTY of friendship using that as an acronym for the qualities we should demonstrate.

The Healing Process

“Now,” is the time for a breakthrough.  Dr. Black asks the question why are we waiting?  What are you waiting for?  The Spirit of the Lord is upon us to allow your healing to begin.

Understanding and Managing Anger

We will discuss the 10 complex factors which feed the emotions of anger.

Wake up

This message will sound the alarm. It is an invitation for all of us to wake up, get up, stand up and speak up about the situations and circumstances happening to us and around us.

We Owe Them The Gospel

What shall I render? What shall I give? Everything that I have and all that I am belongs to Him. I need to give it all. I need to surrender.

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